Main Practical Mindfulness: A Physician's No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Beginners

Practical Mindfulness: A Physician's No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Beginners

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Stressed Out in These Uncertain Times? You Can Adapt. Here's How. "An insightful and demystifying look at mindfulness practice." —Kirkus Reviews 2021 INDIES Gold Winner Body, Mind & Spirit Breathe in and out through the stressors of life with this accessible meditation guide. Learn the life-changing benefits of mindfulness to navigate these uncertain times. Training exercises that work. Practical Mindfulness approaches mindfulness and meditation from a hands-on, how-to, irreverent perspective–appealing to all readers curious about meditation, and health care and education professionals looking to learn and teach the fundamentals of meditation to their patients and students. Applying Dr. Sazima's training routines, we can all learn better coping methods and less burnout, in the midst of all that is happening. An accessible approach to finding "home." We all search for that safe, comfortable feeling of peace of mind–our inner "home." When we face challenges–from a tough day at work to a life-threatening health problem–we can realize with blinding clarity there is no sustainable outside solution. Without a more developed interior awareness, we can suffer stress, anxiety, and depression. This guide is the solution to reclaiming your peaceful place in every moment. Meditation training from an expert. Dr. Sazima is a board-certified psychiatrist, an educator of family doctors-in-training at Stanford's Family Medicine Residency, and an experienced meditator and meditation teacher. He is also a survivor of a rare bone cancer who has used the powerful practice of meditation to navigate his own medical crisis. Now, he is on a "pay it forward" mission to show us why and how meditation works, in an accessible and entertaining way. We can adapt – Practical Mindfulness shows us how. Readers of books such Think Like A Monk, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, or 10% Happier will love Practical Mindfulness.
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