Main Quilting with Stash or Cash: 10 Patterns, 20 Quilts, Lots of Creative Options

Quilting with Stash or Cash: 10 Patterns, 20 Quilts, Lots of Creative Options

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Make the most of the fabric you have and the fabric you want!

  • One-of-a-kind guide includes two options for each project: "Stash" to use up your fabric scraps, or "Cash" when buying new yardage is irresistible
  • 20 projects made from 10 quilt designs, each with two variations: Use up leftover scraps or go buy new fabric
  • Step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams for completing each quilt both ways
  • Helpful overview on materials, tools, terminology, and techniques to review before you begin
  • Co-author Linda J. Hahn is an award-winning quilter, designer, author, and National Quilting Association Certified Teacher
  • Co-author Deborah G. Stanley is an independent designer who has worked with several industry-leading fabric companies

Quilt beautiful projects whether you want to use up your stash or spend your cash!

Featuring 10 quilt patterns and two options for each—one "Stash" (using scraps and fabric you already own) and one "Cash" (newly purchased fabric)—inside this inspirational guide, you get to decide for each project whether you want to use up your fabric scraps or go shopping for new yardage. With step-by-step instructions, expert tips, helpful diagrams, and other helpful tips, Quilting with Stash or Cash offers so much to love with 20 total quilt designs and possibilities.

Inside this unique quilting project book, you'll learn different ways to piece traditional quilt blocks for easy construction, make your stash fabrics work with patterns, cut and sort your scraps, add sashing and borders, and other techniques to strengthen your quilting skills.

For the Cash quilts, yardage and fabric collections are provided so you can shop for the exact materials required. For Stash quilts, designers strictly used only what they had in their possession, no purchases allowed—which sometimes required some extra creativity! Also included are introductory sections on the premise of Stash or Cash, materials, tools, terminology, and technique tutorials. With this unique, must-have guide in your quilt book collection, you'll feel inspired to shop for something new, get creative with what you already own, or both—the choice is yours!

Co-author Linda Hahn is a passionate quilter and the author of many wildly popular books, including New York Beauty Simplified and New York Beauty Diversified. Co-author Deborah Stanley is a talented independent designer whose work has been published in several books and magazines. She has designed consumer projects for several fabric companies including Banyan Batiks, Northcott, RJR, and Elizabeth's Studio.

Whether you're looking to bust your stash or splash out on new fabric, you'll create beautiful quilts with Quilting with Stash or Cash!

"Linda and Deb did it again! What fun to see how fabric and color choices can change the look of quilt patterns. I'm excited to go shopping in my stash and at the quilt shop after reading this book!"—Stevii Graves, quilt author and teacher, Past President, International Quilt Association

"Love this book! We all go to quilt shops and admire the fabrics, sometimes not sure how to use them—same with the fabrics in our stash. This book gives the confidence to use those gorgeous fabrics with stunning results!"—Karen Gibbs, Creative Director, Banyan Batiks

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