Main China–Africa and an Economic Transformation

China–Africa and an Economic Transformation

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This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. Africa's recent progress in economic growth has been uneven across countries, and has not translated into structural transformation. Although economic ties between China and Africa have made a positive contribution this engagement has been uneven, shaped by variations in strategic approach, policy ownership, and implementation capacity among African governments. As China undergoes major economic rebalancing to upgrade to an innovation-driven economy, this is bound to affect China-Africa relations, offering both opportunities and challenges. Authored by leading scholars on Africa, China, and China-Africa relations, this volume brings together stimulating and thought-provoking perspectives, and insightful analyses. Focusing on Africa's economic development, it looks at core areas of structural transformation: productive investment and industrialization, international trade, infrastructure development, and financing. China-Africa relations are considered in the context of the global division of labour and power, and through the history and contexts of both China and Africa, a very diverse continent. This volume seeks to fill the gap in the existing literature, steer policy and scholarly debate on the progress and trajectory of China-Africa cooperation, and analyze China's development path as a source of learning for Africa.
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