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The Quick-Start Copywriting System gives you 43 years’ worth of Clayton’s hard-won secrets! Clayton walks you through a series of steps, so you know exactly what to do at every stage of writing. And he holds nothing back! You get every insight, tip, and strategy he used to create copy that made millions for his clients — and him! It SHOWS you how to do what the PROS do. You’ll never be left guessing about how to use Clayton’s moneymaking techniques. Instead, you’ll see his strategies in real-life copy examples — from Clayton AND other top copywriters. You’ll never be overwhelmed — because you can use Clayton’s system to suit YOUR needs. Whether you want to follow Clayton’s A-to-Z process… or want to jump right to a certain section… … everything is laid out — including tons of examples, checklists, and templates — in a clear, easy-to-use system! For example… Stuck on coming up with a Big Idea? Clayton shares seven questions you must ask to help you uncover compelling ideas — along with plenty of examples to get your creative juices flowing. Client says your copy is “boring”? No problem! You’ll see how to inject speed and excitement into your copy with Clayton’s 11 momentum secrets. Want to make your guarantee airtight? Check out Clayton’s 10 proven steps — unknown to most writers — for crafting ironclad guarantees. Not sure how to close off your sales letter? You’re not the only one! That’s why Clayton gives you six crucial elements to include in your closing — along with plenty of examples you can follow! The Quick-Start Copywriting System really IS the next best thing to asking Clayton a question. Now you don’t have to learn everything on your own — or reinvent the wheel! And believe me — this system works whether you write B2C or B2B copy… short copy or long… or a combination. In fact, I’ve used Clayton’s system to write more powerful case studies… sales letters… articles… and ads in a wide range of niches. Whatever you write… the Quick-Start Copywriting System is designed to help you do it faster and more easily!
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